Whistleblower Lawyer Brian Mahany Hits Bestseller w/1st Book: Saints, Sinners & Heroes

Whistleblower Lawyer Brian Mahany Hits Bestseller w/1st Book: Saints, Sinners & Heroes

Brian’s Saints, Sinners & Heroes provides readers a How-To guide for using the False Claims Act and other qui tam statutes to:

Expose and stop business misbehavior,

Stop waste, and

Make and take full advantage of multi-million-dollar money benefits for informing and helping police to recuperate money for taxpayers.

The False Claims Act specialist’s book assists staff members reporting scams, e.g. Medicare, defense specialist, banking or monetary, Customs prevent mistakes and misunderstandings consisting of:

Federal government hotlines pay $1000 benefits, but if you submit a Federal Whistleblower claim through a personal law office Lots of having gotten $1 million+ benefits;

Company hotlines for workers reporting prohibited acts are typical traps to expose, avoid, bench, fire and blacklist people blowing the whistle;

Whistleblowers aren’t typically Assange types but rather nurses, billing clerks, ambulance motorists, bank executives, appraisers, alert citizens exposing corruption and waste.

Saints, Sinners & Heroes is peppered with stunning case research studies of brave whistleblowers exposing outrageous greed-based misdeed consisting of:

Oncologist informing healthy Medicare and Medicaid clients (100’s) they have cancer to gather taxpayer money for their chemotherapy;

Pharmaceutical executives hiding fatal test outcomes, malfunctioning prescription medications, and deadly pharma production mistakes for revenue;
Phony Made in USA labels on low-cost foreign building products used in federal government structures, roadways, and bridges;

Bogus billings in federal government agreements by America’s premier defense professionals;
and the list of atrocities continues.

All exposed and visited whistleblowers.